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President – Kathy Thorpe '05
Vice President – Nathan Savir '09
Treasurer – George Fong *10
Secretary – Jennifer Yeh-Wannenmacher '01
Alumni Schools Committee Co-Chairs – Brittany Bret ‘00, Tiffany Pui Lam Tang '10
Book Award Committee Co-Chairs – Dominic Notario '03 and Griffith Jones '80
Young Alumni Committee Chair – John Votta '12 and Tony Ruofan Cheng '14
Membership & Communications Committee Co-Chairs – Evan Thorpe '05, Jennifer Yeh-Wannenmacher '01 > Community Service Committee Co-Chairs – Nathan Savir '09 and Laura Yue Bai '10
Graduate Alumni Committee Co-Chairs – Harold Kim *93 and George Fong *10
Continuing Education Committee Co-Chairs - Jennifer Yeh-Wannenmacher and Ted Faunce ’73 *81
Social Media Committee – Eunice Chan '12
Ivy Ball Committee Co-Chairs – Eunice Chan '12 and John Votta '12
To reach any of our officers, please contact us at: princetonclubhk@gmail.com

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Pictures from Boxing Day Chess Party - 26 December 2015

Thanks to all who joined us for the Boxing Day Chess Party! The event featured a 10-minute live match between chess masters Daniel Lam (Cambridge, 1999) and Josh Weinstein (Princeton '09).

Monday, November 30, 2015

Princeton Potluck Dinner - 6 December 2015


Nathan Savir '09 and Laura Yue Bai '10 have kindly offered to host our next Princeton Potluck dinner at their apartment in the Mid-Levels. The potluck will be a hotpot. Feel free to bring a stand-alone dish, drinks, or your favorite hotpot ingredient(s). Please note that Nathan and Laura have a cat.

Please RSVP with how many guests (including yourself) will attend and what dish or drink you will bring.

Date: Sunday, 6 December, 2015 from 6:30-9:00pm

Location: Mid-Levels, Hong Kong

RSVP: nat.savir@gmail.com